Northern Harrier(Circus cyaneus)
Slender-bodied hawk with long tail and wings,long yellow legs, a conspicuous white rump and a facial disk that makes it look like an owl. Adult males are grey and females are brown. In flight, the wings are held in a shallow V similar to Turkey Vultures. Formerly called a Marsh Hawk, the Northern Harrier hunts on the wing in marshlands, fields and prairies.
Photo taken 7/21/01.
Northern Harriers nest on the ground. These two young hawks were almost run over by a tractor in a field that was being disked.
Photo taken 7/21/01.
Look at the difference one week makes. The white specks on their heads that looks like snow is what is left of the fluffy down.
Photo taken 7/28/01.
This picture shows the facial disk that makes the Northern Harrier look like an owl.
Photo taken 8/4/01.
Photo taken 8/4/01 a few days before the Northern Harriers were released.