Red-shouldered Hawk(Buteo lineatus)
A slim, narrow-winged, long-tailed buteo. Dark brown streaked upperparts with roufus shoulder. Rufous breast and barring on underparts and several light tail bands. This hawk inhabits deciduous woodlands.
Photo taken 5/4/03.

This hawk is believed to be a Red-shouldered Hawk, but positive identification cannot be made until some of the feathers start growing. It may possibly be a Red-tailed Hawk.
Photo taken 5/4/03.

Photo taken 5/4/03.
The fluffy down is starting to get replaced by feathers.

Photo taken 5/18/03.
The Red-shouldered Hawk is in the flight enclosure now. It is perfecting its flying skills and it still needs to learn how to hunt before it can be released.

Photo taken 6/22/03.