Extreme care has been taken to prevent stress to the animals while taking photos,
and to prevent them from becoming too familiar with humans.
Here are just a few of the birds that have been successfully released over the years.
Click on their pictures to see their stories

Barn Owl Barn Owls Barn Owl Barn Owl Barn Owl
American Crow American Crow American Crow
American Robin American Robin
American Kestrel American Kestrel American Kestrel
Brewers Blackbird Brewers Blackbirds
Golden Eagle Golden Eagle
Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl
House Finch House Finch
Lesser Goldfinch Lesser Goldfinch Lesser Goldfinch
Mallard Mallard
Mockingbird Mockingbird
Mourning Dove Roadrunner
Northern Harrier Northern Harrier
Night Heron Night Heron
Prairie Falcon Prairie Falcon
Raven Raven
Red-shoulder Hawk Red-shoulder Hawk Red-shoulder Hawk Red-Shouldered Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Red-Tailed<BR>Hawk Red Tail Hawk
Road Runner Road Runner Roadrunner
Scrub Jay Scrub Jay Scrub Jay Scrub<BR>Jay
Sharp Shinned Hawk Sharp Shinned Hawk
Western Kingbird Western Kingbird
Western Screech-Owl Western Screech-Owl