Cloning Cannabis: Picture Guide to Cloning Marijuana

Cloning a cannabis plants may sound difficult and complicated, but it actually can be easy as long as you use proper procedures and equipment. It is also a fastest method that allow cannabis growers to create a large number of new, miniature cannabis plants from your favorite mother plants for free.

The greatest advantage of cloning cannabis is that you can maintain the exact genetic characteristics of mother plant strain. Basically, this work is simple taking a cut from one plant and give it time to growing root. To makes it easier for you, these following steps are cloning cannabis guide that you need to know.

What is a cannabis clone?

A clone is a piece or a small branch that you cut off from a living cannabis plant, then this cutting will grow into a large, independent plant. The clone is placed in a growth medium and provided with a hormone to stimulate root development after being removed from the mother plant. Once the root grow, the clone is put in a container or in garden soil, where it can florish like any other plant. Growing cannabis plants from seeds cannot guarantee that you will get the other plant with the same genetic as their parent plants. However, clone can retain the smell, flavor, yield, etc from its mother.

What do you need?

  • A healthy, strong mother plant
  • Scissors
  • Trimmer
  • Rooting setup such as starter cubes, tray, dome, or an auto-cloner
  • Rooting Hormone

Here are the quality, reliable cloning gel and auto-cloner machine products that I would like to recommend.

#1 HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

Amazon best-selling product B004Q3NN4W CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Clonex Rooting Gel is one of the popular rooting hormones that is designed to adhere to the stem of the cutting. You just need to dip your cutting into the gel, make sure it long enough to seal the cut. It just takes 1-2 weeks for the cutting to develop its root as this powerful gel will offers enough nutrients that the clone need during the root growth phases.

#2 OxyClone 20 Site, Compact Recirculating Cloning Propagation System

Amazon best-selling product B01HGME97E CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
The OxyCLONE 20 is ideal for the budget-conscious home grower. This cloner standout from the others since in that the roots are allowed to sit in highly oxygenated water. The oxycloner features 4 inch air stone and an active aqua air pump that delivers enough oxygen to the root zone. It also employs evaporator cooling, which is cooling operate. BPA-free plastic reservoir and cover are also included with the OxyClone.

How to clone cannabis plants?

Step 1: Cutting mother plant

To minimize problems and mistakes, you should ensure that the mother plant you choose is totally healthy and robust before cutting it. The mother plant must be in the vegetative cycle for at least two months and it is also crucial that the mother plant should not be in bloom stages. Ensures that the environment surrounding are clean and your plants are not harmed by filth, grubs and dirt.

You should not fertilize the mother plant for a few days before the cutting, choose the robust, healthy branches. A strong clone will grow into a strong plant.

Next is the cutting method, do not cut too much or too little. The incision must be made above the node of the mother plant. It will be better to use scissors to ensure a clean cut.

Step 2: Trimming

After cutting, below the bottom node of the clone, making a new cut at a 45-degree angle by a sharp razor. This will increase the contact surfaces available for growth, resulting in a faster rate of development.

Step 3: Placing the Fresh Clone

Dipping your cutting into your rooting hormone or cloning gel right away. After that, place it straight into your medium, root cube or any rooting setup. If you have an auto-cloner, put your cutting in it and provide the rooting hormone.

Step 4 Remove Any Leaves That Aren’t Necessary

Remove any superfluous leaves that are near the bottom of the cutting and you also should snip off the tips of the surplus leaves. Photosynthesis will be improved by the removal of unwanted leaves.

Root Transplantation

After you’ve finished cutting, checking it regularly every day to ensure that it has enough water, receive enough sunlight, and air movement. If there is any dead clone, remove it as soon as possible to prevent mold from expanding to the live clones. In between 12-15 days, root system will grow strong enough to transplant into the soil.

Step 1: Prepare the Soil

Take the appropriate amount of soil and put in the pot or container that you’re working with. Before putting clones into the soil, you also should water it to keep the soil from shifting

Step 2: Make a hole and insert the clone gently

Making a hole into the soil about 2 inches deep. Then, place the clone inside and monitor its development until it is completely developed. This is the last step of the process.

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Cheap Stealth Grow Box: Best Stealth Grow Boxes for Marijuana

As the name suggest, a stealth grow box is the solution for home growers to cultivate marijuana in secret, where will keep your marijuana plants hidden inside. Any traces of your work will be kept to a minimum. Thanks to their compact size and stealth design, grow boxes also can be fitted virtually any place like kitchen or bedroom, making them ideal for people who don’t have a space for backyard garden to work with.

However, the biggest problem when it comes to buying a stealth grow box is that most of them are usually very expensive. You will have to pay thousands of dollars for a quality grow box. If you are not really ready for a great sum of money, you can consider the best cheap stealth grow box that I’m about to review below.

Top 6 Best Cheap Stealth Grow Box

#1 SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B07L6TGCL8 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
It is not easy to find an automated, well-constructed, high-quality grow box with under $1000 like this SuperBox LED smart grow box from SuperCloset. It is excellent for people who want to grow marijuana discreetly, have limited room, and have limited budget. The box has equal quality and features at very reasonable price.

The box comes with smart controlled Kind LED X40 Flower grow lights, activated carbon, inline fan with speed controller. Anti-mold, reflective, detachable panels are also included to assist you establish the best growth environment.

#2 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B07L6TGCL8 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
This affordable grow box comes with a huge advantage over the competition because of the cloning chamber, what makes it a multi-tasking unit. Multiple uses for both production and propagative increase its total worth, which is something that any new grower should look for. The Cash Crop 6.0 is unobtrusive, while still offers plenty of room for growth. This grow box is designed to hold only 1-2 plants, so it is only suitable for personal use, if you want to produce a larger crop, or high harvest, this may not ideal for you. The grow box offers everything you need like LED lighting and ventilation system.

#3 Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2

If you are living in Europe, it is not difficult to buy this grow box. This one is not only low price but also small, but it still provides a powerful punch. Hobby grower is the ideal for all grow stages of the plants, from seedling, clone, vegetative to bloom. This have enough space for 4 small plants or 1 large plant. It features 125W CFL Grow Light, which provides enough light for higher, faster yields but generate low heat. The extractor fan is speed adjustable and comes with carbon filter. You can reduce or raise the temperature inside the box by increase/decrease the fan speed. The kit also includes a hygrometer.

#4 Baby Cloner – 6 Plant Baby Seedling or Cloning Grow Box

Baby cloner is a small and cheap grow box that can be used to grow or clone plants up to 2-4 feet tall. It measures 27.75” H x 15.75” W x 11.0” D. The advantage here is that you can placed it anywhere in your house even you have a tight space. However, you should consider as it cannot hold the taller strains of marijuana. This grow box kit comes with Quasar LED light, light timer, air pump, water pump, inline fan & carbon filter, 1.5-gallon reservoir, net pots, 3 containers of PH Perfect Advanced Nutrients and some others accessories.

#5 Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 – 4 Plant LED Grow Box

With the pricing range of under 1000$, this is one of a few grow boxes that has the balance of features, quality and size. The grow box comes with all the equipment you could need. The box appearance is just look like a standard cabinet, which makes it incredibly discreet. But in the inside, you will receive a lot of features such as Mars quantum module, full spectrum LED lighting, pre-assemble powerful fans, and water tank.

Because it is constructed of handcrafted, high-quality Russian wood, this is very sturdy grow box. With sleek design, elegant looks, it will look great in your workplace or bedroom. With this hydroponics grow box, you can increase the harvest cycle 20 percent faster than growing with traditional gardening method. Another advantage is that the vertical form of the box allows you to grow tallest marijuana strains and your plants can reach a height of 6 feet.

#6 BloomGrow Alphapar Indoor Plant Growing Complete Package

Amazon best-selling product B08G1J8M38 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
If the price is your concern, you should go for a grow tent complete kit. It is much more cheaper than the grow box, but still offers enough features to allows you get started right away. The LED light system is full-spectrum, mimic the natural sunlight for all the growth stages, so you do not need to switch the light source. LED light system only uses around 100 watts of power. Removing your concern about marijuana odor by activated carbon, ceramic-coated, inline fan. Besides, the kit also includes temperature & hygrometer, trellis netting, rope hangers, shears, and 24 hours timer.

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What are the best survival pocket knife?

It is always better to have at least one useful survival tool for everyday carry especially when you are in the wilderness or stuck in natural disaster. The best survival pocket knife is definitely available in my bag as the handiest survival tool. Pocket knife could make the difference between life and death.

In order to choosing the best suitable pocket knife for my needs, which one should be handy, durable, lightweight, and compact, I have spent all my weekend researching for this survival tool. Here are my top 3 picks with judgement and specs for each knife. If there are nothing meet your needs, click here to read more.

#1 Free Engraving – Quality Elk Ridge Pocket Knife

Elk Ridge Ballistic Quality Pocket Knife  measure 4.75” when it is closed, this is a little bit larger than others survival knifes on the market, but it is still compactt enough for any situation. It features attractive red-brown Pakkawood handle and the black of blade and leather lanyard, what makes this knife nice looking.

Not only use in outdoor activity, survival situation or when you are in wilderness, this knife is also useful for everyday use. It comes with reasionable price of $20. This knife is definitely worth your money. From hardest survival task to everyday tasks such as opend parcels or cutting meat, this knife is absolutely what you are looking for.

Although the knife flips is sturdy, it is smoothly enough easily and quickly open and close. It also ensure to stay in place once you open it. It provides an extremely sharp, which can be able to cut through wood, rope, and may be sturdy enough for cutting some metals.

This knife also make the great gift or a souvenir for the trip as it comes with the option of free engraving. You can order to free engrave 2 lines up to 30 characters per line. You can even choose the font you like to makes it your own design, what make the knife looks professiona.

#2 Kershaw 1670TBLKST Tanto Serrated Blur Knife with SpeedSafe

If you are looking for the professional survival knife that is extremely sturdy and lightweight for the toughest task in survival situation ash as hunting, fishing, emergency rescue, and tactical engagement, The Kershaw Blur Tanto Serrated Pocket Knife is exactly what you should go for.

The blade is designed to be corrosion-resistant, being coat with DLC finish to promote the hardness and strength. The blade measures 3-⅜ inch, what makes it useful both extreme and everyday situations.

Due to the secure liner lock, the blade will stays in place when you are moving for the optimal safety. It can be opened or flipped with only one hand by pushing the stud by thumb or pressing the flipper. This will be very useful for the situation when you can only move one arm.

Once you opened the blade, it also immediately locks into place as long as you do not press the thumb stud. This knife is designed for use with both left and right hand.

As it is made from 13C26 stainless steel, which will ensure its durability and long lasting even if you use it for cutting through a tough bit of meat or wood, the blade cannot be snap or damaged easily.

This knife can be one of the most study contraction survival pocket knife on the market as the handle is made of black 6061-T6 anodized aluminum. The handle is also non-grips, so you can easily use it even in the wet condition. There is only the downside about this knife is that it do not features a guard between hand and blade.

#3 Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Tinker Pocket Knife

Unlike the previous options, this survival knife is also multiple tool. That means it will help you always ready for any situation. Victorinox Swiss Tinker Pocket Knife comes with the perfect size to carry outside with the dimensions are 3.6” in length, 0.6” in height, and 2.2oz in weight. This size is very compact if you know that you will have 12 different tools with this small knife.

This product has high quality with affordable price tag. It has the sturdy blade as you can use for a lifetime as its material is tempered, annealed, and polished steel, what makes it very hard and corrosion resistant.

Related to survival pocket knife

Top Sales Product Link Price
MTech USA MT-20-30 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Drop Point Blade, G10 Handle, 4-3/4-Inch Overall from $9.94
Schrade SCHF57 6.3in Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 2.6in Drop Point Blade and G-10 Handle for Outdoor Survival… from $16.99
Schrade SCHF36 Frontier 10.4in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 5in Drop Point and TPE Handle for… from $30.08
Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife, 4-5/16in Blade, Hardwood Handle with Sheath from $55.23
Ganzo Firebird Thumb Hole Opening, Anti-Slip Handle Scales Steel Liner Lock Folding Tactical Survival Knife Blade with… from $15.99
Benchmark B003WKNFHU Backpacker from $16.75
Schrade SCHF30 9.7in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 4.9in Clip Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor… from $24.97
Schrade SCHF59 8.4in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife with 3.8in Drop Point Blade and G-10 Handle for Outdoor… from $35.59
Schrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife with 6.4in Kukri Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor… from $44.03
Uncle Henry Fixed Blade w- Staglon Handle 7Cr17MoV Steel. from $26.97
StatGear Surviv-All Fixed-Blade Bowie Knife with Sheath, Firestarter, Sharpener & Cord Cutter for Hunting Camping… from $44.99
Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife Multi Tool Window Breaker 440C Blade G10 Handle w/Paper Box & Draw String Bag G720 from $27.99
Accessory: Kydex Sheath for Celtibero Suvival Bushcraft Outdoor Knife from $24.95
Gerber Moment Fixed Blade Knife, Drop Point [31-002197],Black from $37.43

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Top 5 Best smell proof Grow Tent 2020

Whether you are growing marijuana or any other plant, environmental factor plays much important role in their growth cycle. When using indoor grow tents for growing marijuana you have the upper hand as you can control temperature according to need to get better results from the crop.

In this article I will discuss best smell proof grow tents available in the market which will be helpful in your decision of selecting grow tents.

Top 5 Best Grow Tent 2020

1. Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0- Hydroponic Grow Box

It’s perhaps the best stealth grow box that is available in market. Its main feature is that it’s affordable, lightweight and comes under $1000. As it is light in weight it will be easier for you to move it wherever it is needed.

Except from its light weight and half an inch thickness, its dimensions are also favorable at just 36x20x16.5.Each box is made up of MDF and has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

There is enough room for nine marijuana plants in this row box and is best for auto flowering strains. It comes with 3.5 gallon storage DWC tank hydroponic system along, secure lockable doors, odor proof carbon filters and two year’s moon dust supply for to help your plants grow.

2. VIVOSUN 60″x60″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

In comparison to earlier grow tent, it doesn’t comes with everything you need, but it’s also one of the least expensive grow tents out there you can buy.

It provides best conditions for marijuana growth, and is also larger in size so you can keep more plants. It uses Mylar interior to improve efficacy of weed growth. It comes with an observation window so you don’t need to open the door, which can disrupt your plant growth. It is completely automatic and comes with removable floor tray along with inside tool organizer.

3. Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Smell proof Grow Box for Plants

If you are looking for a hidden grow box indoor then this should be your first option. You can grow marijuana as well as many other plants in these grow boxes. It uses 150 watts LED grow lights at the top of box as well as on its sides and comes as ready-made; you have to just plug it in. It is equipped with full spectrum LED grow lights and also comes with unlimited technical support, which is a good thing especially for beginners.


4. Opulent Systems 24x28x48 Smell proof and Water-Resister Grow Tent

If you are looking forward to grow more plants in a single grow box then it’s your best option, as it is slightly bigger than the previous grow tents we discussed. Its dimensions are 24x28x 48. It is equipped with 98% highly reflective water resistant Mylar that helps in promoting plants growth.

Mylar water-resister grow tent is made up of durable material and is easy to use which is also a good thing for beginners. It comes with transparent observation window, removable tray floor and a storage bag to keep tools and accessories.


5. Cool Grows 2x2x4 Feet Smell proof and small size Grow Tent (24″x 24″x 48″)

If you are concerned about your privacy in case of growing marijuana plants then this is your best grow tent. This product comes with multiple vents to improve aeration and is also very easy to assemble. It comes with an observation window and in different sizes so you can decide which size would be best for you. It blocks 99% of outside light so all of your LED grow light is reflected back on your plants. It’s your best option if you are looking for a startup in growing marijuana.

Final Say

I have listed top five grow tents for growing marijuana. However you can select any one of above depending on your requirement and training level. If you want all in one solution you should go for Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0-Hydroponic Grow box. And if you need in small size then you can also choose Cool grows 2x2x4 Ft small indoor Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent, that’s totally up to you.

What Type Of Wood Glue For Cutting Board?

The cutting board often has the problem of being frequently broken or cracked by the force of the knife. And once it is cracked or broken, the cutting board cannot be used anymore, so it is a waste.

Instead of throwing away and investing in a new cutting board, you should repair it with the best types of wood glue. This is a convenient and economical way to heal any cutting board that needs to be repaired.

There are many types of glue on the market and what you need to do is find out what type of wood glue for cutting board.

#1 Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla is a well-known manufacturer and their products are widely recognized. They have a wide variety of glues and glues for their wood which is a great helper to any project.

This glue can work well with any wood of cutting board. It has a very strong bond and is highly durable, thereby bringing stability and stability to the cutting board after being repaired.

It can bond no matter the cutting board’s thickness and it can hold the bond for a long time. This glue resists water and withstands great pressure. Gorilla wood glue dries up fairly quickly and you don’t need to stick the pieces for long. It also doesn’t create the ugly glue marks.

#2 Titebond Wood Glue

Titebond is also a well-known name in the glue market and they are still on the top glue manufacturers list today. Titebond wood glue is an extremely good product for filling cracks in cutting board.

This glue is very waterproof so it is ideal for you to wash the cutting board after fixing it. It is also not a toxic glue so you can rest assured if food comes into contact with food.

Besides, the texture of this glue is very good, does not cause ugly glue stains and also quickly dries. When combined with sawdust, this glue can perfectly fill large pores and cracks.

#3 Glue Masters

Glue Masters is really a diversified glue that not only bonds cracks well on cutting board, but also works with a lot of other materials. So after you fix the cutting bond, you can use it for many other projects.

It is an epoxy adhesive and has a very strong and durable bond. It also withstands a lot of pressure.

One thing you should be aware of is that you should use protective gear such as gloves or eyeglasses to avoid sticking to your body.

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Tabletop wire slicers vs Handheld wire slicers: Which is better?

The best wire cheese slicer will help you keep the freshness of the cheese and the delicious taste as they could. They also might help you save the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on using non-suitable products.

There are two major types of wire cheese slicers are tabletop slicers with a wire and attached board base and Handheld slicers, which constructed from roller and wire cutting. Choosing what type of wire cheese slicer to suit your needs depends, of course, on what your needs are.

#1 Handheld wire slicers

The most popular one is the handheld slicers. Handled wire slicers have a portable advantage over their other tabletop. Due to the portability of these handheld slicers, they are the most demanded on the market. The stainless steel wire makes it easy for you to cut the cheese in the size and thickness as you want.

One more advantage of the handheld units is that they are compact in sizes, that means very easy to store. If you prefer to keep your cooktop always clear and neat, then the handheld is what you should consider.

The frequency that you use the cheese slicers also determine what type you should get. Handheld wire slicers are more suitable for slice a small amount of cheese if you want to add cheeses as topping on your food.

#2 Tabletop wire slicers

There are also many people prefer to buy tabletop versions because it’s believed that they have more durability than handheld slicers. This type of slicer cuts through both soft and hard kinds of cheese while being thickness-adjustable.

The biggest advantage of tabletop wire slicers is that they handle a lot of cheese than a handheld one. And, this is because they have a more accommodating base.

More so, using a tabletop wire cheese slicer makes your cheese look very appealing and presentable as it features a cutting board that may be used as a serving platter. There are some materials of cutting board that you can choose such as wooden slicing board, marble, and stainless steel board

#3 Replacement Wires

There is the problem with wire slicers is that you have to replace them when they break. Some models will come with at least one spare cheese wire, but some are not and you will have to purchase on the separate one.

There are some types of wire for cheese slicer that you should know are: wire with knots at the ends, wire with balls at the ends, wire with ellipse loops at the ends, wire with round loops at the ends, wire with rings in loops at the ends, wire with rivets at the ends.

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Ontario Seed Bank Canada Review:

In Canada, if you want to get a variety of cannabis strains of the best quality then Ontario seed bank can be the right place for you. It is one of the top Canadian seed banks because it has achieved the reputation of the spot that provided the products of the highest quality. The ONTARIO SEED BANK CANADA REVIEW provided in this write-up will help you to know more about this Canadian seed bank.


After the legalization of the use of cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes, various seed banks have evolved in Canada so that people can get the best quality cannabis strains legitimately. These seed banks produce as well as trade the high-quality cannabis strains locally as well as globally as per the rules and regulations of the Canadian government.


A large number of different types of strains of cannabis are regularly provided by Ontario seed bank to ship all over the world. One can easily place his order foe high-quality seeds of cannabis with Ontario seed bank just by visiting their website and choosing from the types of strains available at that time. One can easily choose the hot selling seeds by visiting their website. Whether you have recently started growing cannabis or an experienced grower you can choose the strains from the options available on their website as per your requirements.


If you are a regular grower of cannabis then you should sign up with Ontario seed bank in Canada to get their newsletter regularly to get the latest information in this regard. This newsletter will allow you to know about the exiting and special things available with the ban so that you can be the first to get them. When you sign up for a newsletter then you can also access the special discount offers offered by the bank to its special customers. All such thinks make Ontario seed bank the best seed bank in Canada. The staff of this seed bank is committed to provide the best quality cannabis seeds to its customers.


Ontario seed bank provides a wide variety of cannabis seeds to its customers. Some of the highest quality seeds may include:

  1. FEMINIZED POT OF GOLD: This strain is perfect for those who need a small help to avoid difficulty in sleeping.
  2. FEMINIZED GREEN CRACK: This strain is popular for its vigorous effects.
  3. WHITE WIDOW: It is not a new strain for those who know cannabis properly. This strain is known for its exciting flavors and aromas as well as its potency.
  4. FEMINIZED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES XTRM: It is a renowned strain in the world of cannabis. It is the hottest selling cannabis stain at Ontario Seed Bank Canada.
  5. FEMINIZED FOREST FRUITS AUTO FLOWER: The genetics of this strain have been obtained by crossing them with some good genetics like New York Diesel and blueberry.

Thus, Ontario seed bank in Canada offers a wide variety of hot selling strains of cannabis to its customers whether they are new in this field or seasoned growers of cannabis.

FAQs about the best camera clip

Even you are go out for new experience in the wild, camping with your friends or simply exploring city streets, the best camera clip probably would be one of the best purchases you buy to the trip.

There are obvious the quick moments in the trip that you will want to capture a picture. And the camera clip will help you to do that. This is the perfect tool for any photographer to ensure you never miss another shot. If you’d never heard about it before, this post is what you need to know about camera clips to help you decide whether you need one.

#1 What a camera clip use for?

Instead of carry a shoulder bag, a backpack, a wrist strap, or bulky camera bag, you can use camera clip as an alternative way for holding your camera. This is because none of these options above offer a rapid solution for taking the photo like camera clip.

Shoulder strap method is quick but carry camera around for a long time will make you feel tired. A camera clip can help you to take a photo that may only took place in a moment while ensure you are comfortable to carry it.

#2 Where can I attach camera clip?

The clip will hold your camera not limited to backpack traps but also on any strap or belt around your body or bag. This means you can attach it to your day pack, hiking backpack, or even the shoulder bag you like to carry outside but not designed to accommodate a camera. Choosing where you feel most comfort to mount it. The position to attract camera clip can also depends on the activity you plant to do this day. The clip holds your camera secure in place and easy to access while doing any type of activity.

There is only one thing you have to pay attention is the width and thickness limitation of the strap. Normally, the camera clip packaging states how wide is the strap it can works with. It is often no more than 3 inches wide.

#3 Who is this for?

The camera clip is suitable for photographer or any people who carry their camera all day and want always have camera ready to capture a shot. By the time you stop to pull the camera out of your bag, you may miss the wonderful moments.

It is not only work with camera, it is also great to attach gopro as well. It is perfect for both amateurs and professionals if you like to be ready to take a photo at a moment.

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GYO Seedbank Review: Top US reliable seed banks

GYO Seed bank, which also goes by the name Homegrown Cannabis Co, is a Michigan based reliable seed banks company that has a lot to offer. We’ll refer to them as Homegrown in this review, simply because that’s primarily how they are known on the internet.

The first thing that pop’s out is that unlike other websites Homegrown provides a lot of cultivation information on their website, and we mean a lot.

Although they caution that cultivation may be illegal where you are, they don’t pretend that they sell cannabis seeds as a novelty which we find perfectly refreshing.

And unlike other seedbanks, they will consider reshipping an order or exchanging an order if your seeds don’t germinate. Thats a rare thing to find among seedbanks.

True, you may have to show them step by step exactly how you prepared your seeds for planting, but it’s a rare thing in the seedbank world to find a seedbank that offers a germination guarantee.

Second, they offer a buy one, get one free deal on around 90 percent of their products.

Whether you purchase a pack of 4, 8, 12 or 25 seeds, you get a lot for your money by getting a free pack for every package of seeds you buy.

Not every strain qualifies for the buy 1, get one free, but over 100 strains of high-grade cannabis do.

Being in the USA, you can expect shipping to be fairly quick and once you order you get a tracking number which can be tracked right on the website.

Honestly, from the looks of it, Homegrown is one of the 10 best seed banks available that ship to the USA.

What do customers think?

One customer reported that he had bought 3 times from Homegrown. His seed choice on his most recent puraches was 3 Purple Thai and 3 Banana Kush.

He said all 6 plants germinated and are looking very healthy. He indicated he would be a repeat customer.

A second customer commented that he received his seeds within a week, and though he paid for 4, he got 4 free. All of them germinated within 48 hours.

We heartily recommend Gyo/Homegrown as a legit seedbank.

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Dr Seeds Review ( Canadian Seedbank): Not guarantee all of your marijuana seeds will germinate

The first thing to notice is that Dr. Seeds is honest If you read their terms and conditions.

Dr. Seeds does not guarantee all of your marijuana seeds will germinate. In fact, it’s clearly stated on their website that they estimate only 80 percent of their seeds will germinate and they take no responsibility for any seeds you purchase from them germinating. You purchase marijuan seeds at your own risk.

We wish this information was not buried in the store policy page however. As whether or not purchased seeds will germinate or not is the number one customer complaint.

That said, Dr. Seeds has a stellar reputation for shipping it’s seeds Stat. One of the smaller seed banks in Canada, Dr. Seeds is fast on sending it’s shipments. Typically shipments go out within 3 days or less, and Dr. Seeds delivers internationally.

Dr. Seeds does have a shipping guarantee provided you did not make a mistake on your shipping address, and if a shipment seems to be lost their customer service will make it right.

As for products, Dr. Seeds concentrates on the basics, Feminized Cannabis seeds ( marijuana that tends to grow bigger and hardier than other cannabis, and has more THC as well.) However, care that they have the proper growing cycle is required.

They also sell a healthy selection of autoflowering cannabis seeds which are perfect for those who are new to growing cannabis, as they are almost automatic. No green thumb required.

They also sell CBD cannabis seeds for those worried about growing a THC product.

Granddaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner are some of the popular strains sold by Dr. Seeds.

Naturally, Dr. Seeds also sells plant nutrients, plant stimulants, LED lighting and more.

And kudos for Dr. Seeds extensive growing cannibas page at

Dr. Seeds accepts Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Email Money transfer for payment.

The price for 5 seeds is $55 Canadian, which is just a tad over $41 US Dollars.

Dr. Seeds is Safe and Reputable. Your funds are transmitted through encrypted means and Dr. Seeds has an SSL Certificate guarantee safety of your information.

Dr. Seeds also has a dedicated customer service staff to promptly answer customer service issues.

We would rate Dr. Seeds about average for a Canadian Seedbank with a few knocks for its germination policy.

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