Cheap Stealth Grow Box: Best Stealth Grow Boxes for Marijuana

As the name suggest, a stealth grow box is the solution for home growers to cultivate marijuana in secret, where will keep your marijuana plants hidden inside. Any traces of your work will be kept to a minimum. Thanks to their compact size and stealth design, grow boxes also can be fitted virtually any place like kitchen or bedroom, making them ideal for people who don’t have a space for backyard garden to work with.

However, the biggest problem when it comes to buying a stealth grow box is that most of them are usually very expensive. You will have to pay thousands of dollars for a quality grow box. If you are not really ready for a great sum of money, you can consider the best cheap stealth grow box that I’m about to review below.

Top 6 Best Cheap Stealth Grow Box

#1 SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box

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It is not easy to find an automated, well-constructed, high-quality grow box with under $1000 like this SuperBox LED smart grow box from SuperCloset. It is excellent for people who want to grow marijuana discreetly, have limited room, and have limited budget. The box has equal quality and features at very reasonable price.

The box comes with smart controlled Kind LED X40 Flower grow lights, activated carbon, inline fan with speed controller. Anti-mold, reflective, detachable panels are also included to assist you establish the best growth environment.

#2 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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This affordable grow box comes with a huge advantage over the competition because of the cloning chamber, what makes it a multi-tasking unit. Multiple uses for both production and propagative increase its total worth, which is something that any new grower should look for. The Cash Crop 6.0 is unobtrusive, while still offers plenty of room for growth. This grow box is designed to hold only 1-2 plants, so it is only suitable for personal use, if you want to produce a larger crop, or high harvest, this may not ideal for you. The grow box offers everything you need like LED lighting and ventilation system.

#3 Hobby Stealth Grow Cabinet V2

If you are living in Europe, it is not difficult to buy this grow box. This one is not only low price but also small, but it still provides a powerful punch. Hobby grower is the ideal for all grow stages of the plants, from seedling, clone, vegetative to bloom. This have enough space for 4 small plants or 1 large plant. It features 125W CFL Grow Light, which provides enough light for higher, faster yields but generate low heat. The extractor fan is speed adjustable and comes with carbon filter. You can reduce or raise the temperature inside the box by increase/decrease the fan speed. The kit also includes a hygrometer.

#4 Baby Cloner – 6 Plant Baby Seedling or Cloning Grow Box

Baby cloner is a small and cheap grow box that can be used to grow or clone plants up to 2-4 feet tall. It measures 27.75” H x 15.75” W x 11.0” D. The advantage here is that you can placed it anywhere in your house even you have a tight space. However, you should consider as it cannot hold the taller strains of marijuana. This grow box kit comes with Quasar LED light, light timer, air pump, water pump, inline fan & carbon filter, 1.5-gallon reservoir, net pots, 3 containers of PH Perfect Advanced Nutrients and some others accessories.

#5 Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 – 4 Plant LED Grow Box

With the pricing range of under 1000$, this is one of a few grow boxes that has the balance of features, quality and size. The grow box comes with all the equipment you could need. The box appearance is just look like a standard cabinet, which makes it incredibly discreet. But in the inside, you will receive a lot of features such as Mars quantum module, full spectrum LED lighting, pre-assemble powerful fans, and water tank.

Because it is constructed of handcrafted, high-quality Russian wood, this is very sturdy grow box. With sleek design, elegant looks, it will look great in your workplace or bedroom. With this hydroponics grow box, you can increase the harvest cycle 20 percent faster than growing with traditional gardening method. Another advantage is that the vertical form of the box allows you to grow tallest marijuana strains and your plants can reach a height of 6 feet.

#6 BloomGrow Alphapar Indoor Plant Growing Complete Package

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If the price is your concern, you should go for a grow tent complete kit. It is much more cheaper than the grow box, but still offers enough features to allows you get started right away. The LED light system is full-spectrum, mimic the natural sunlight for all the growth stages, so you do not need to switch the light source. LED light system only uses around 100 watts of power. Removing your concern about marijuana odor by activated carbon, ceramic-coated, inline fan. Besides, the kit also includes temperature & hygrometer, trellis netting, rope hangers, shears, and 24 hours timer.

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