Dr Seeds Review (drseeds.net Canadian Seedbank): Not guarantee all of your marijuana seeds will germinate

The first thing to notice is that Dr. Seeds is honest If you read their terms and conditions.

Dr. Seeds does not guarantee all of your marijuana seeds will germinate. In fact, it’s clearly stated on their website that they estimate only 80 percent of their seeds will germinate and they take no responsibility for any seeds you purchase from them germinating. You purchase marijuan seeds at your own risk.

We wish this information was not buried in the store policy page however. As whether or not purchased seeds will germinate or not is the number one customer complaint.

That said, Dr. Seeds has a stellar reputation for shipping it’s seeds Stat. One of the smaller seed banks in Canada, Dr. Seeds is fast on sending it’s shipments. Typically shipments go out within 3 days or less, and Dr. Seeds delivers internationally.

Dr. Seeds does have a shipping guarantee provided you did not make a mistake on your shipping address, and if a shipment seems to be lost their customer service will make it right.

As for products, Dr. Seeds concentrates on the basics, Feminized Cannabis seeds ( marijuana that tends to grow bigger and hardier than other cannabis, and has more THC as well.) However, care that they have the proper growing cycle is required.

They also sell a healthy selection of autoflowering cannabis seeds which are perfect for those who are new to growing cannabis, as they are almost automatic. No green thumb required.

They also sell CBD cannabis seeds for those worried about growing a THC product.

Granddaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner are some of the popular strains sold by Dr. Seeds.

Naturally, Dr. Seeds also sells plant nutrients, plant stimulants, LED lighting and more.

And kudos for Dr. Seeds extensive growing cannibas page at https://drseeds.net/category/nursery-cloning/.

Dr. Seeds accepts Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Email Money transfer for payment.

The price for 5 seeds is $55 Canadian, which is just a tad over $41 US Dollars.

Dr. Seeds is Safe and Reputable. Your funds are transmitted through encrypted means and Dr. Seeds has an SSL Certificate guarantee safety of your information.

Dr. Seeds also has a dedicated customer service staff to promptly answer customer service issues.

We would rate Dr. Seeds about average for a Canadian Seedbank with a few knocks for its germination policy.

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