GYO Seedbank Review: Top US reliable seed banks

GYO Seed bank, which also goes by the name Homegrown Cannabis Co, is a Michigan based reliable seed banks company that has a lot to offer. We’ll refer to them as Homegrown in this review, simply because that’s primarily how they are known on the internet.

The first thing that pop’s out is that unlike other websites Homegrown provides a lot of cultivation information on their website, and we mean a lot.

Although they caution that cultivation may be illegal where you are, they don’t pretend that they sell cannabis seeds as a novelty which we find perfectly refreshing.

And unlike other seedbanks, they will consider reshipping an order or exchanging an order if your seeds don’t germinate. Thats a rare thing to find among seedbanks.

True, you may have to show them step by step exactly how you prepared your seeds for planting, but it’s a rare thing in the seedbank world to find a seedbank that offers a germination guarantee.

Second, they offer a buy one, get one free deal on around 90 percent of their products.

Whether you purchase a pack of 4, 8, 12 or 25 seeds, you get a lot for your money by getting a free pack for every package of seeds you buy.

Not every strain qualifies for the buy 1, get one free, but over 100 strains of high-grade cannabis do.

Being in the USA, you can expect shipping to be fairly quick and once you order you get a tracking number which can be tracked right on the website.

Honestly, from the looks of it, Homegrown is one of the 10 best seed banks available that ship to the USA.

What do customers think?

One customer reported that he had bought 3 times from Homegrown. His seed choice on his most recent puraches was 3 Purple Thai and 3 Banana Kush.

He said all 6 plants germinated and are looking very healthy. He indicated he would be a repeat customer.

A second customer commented that he received his seeds within a week, and though he paid for 4, he got 4 free. All of them germinated within 48 hours.

We heartily recommend Gyo/Homegrown as a legit seedbank.

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