How to unlock wolf oven

To lock or unlock the control panel, press and hold PANEL LOCK for 3 seconds. If the panel is now locked, two beeps will be heard and the oven will show PANEL LOCKED for 5 seconds. If the panel is now unlocked, a single beep will be heard. The display will then read PANEL UNLOCKED fo

How do you unlock the key lock on a Wolf oven?


  1. Touch and hold LOCK for three seconds to lock and unlock the control panel.
  2. In lock mode, “KEY LOCKED” appears when a key is pressed and all keys are silenced.

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How do I take my oven off lock mode?

With the door open, locate the door jamb switch on the face of the oven….Manual Switch:

  1. Press the Self Clean pad.
  2. Close the oven door.
  3. Slide the latch to lock the oven door.
  4. Hit the Clear/Off or Cancel button immediately.
  5. Unlock the door.
  6. The control should now be reset and there should not be a need for service.

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What do you do when your oven door says unlock?

To clear the code, turn the oven circuit breaker off for 60 seconds before turning it on again. If your oven is not in self-clean mode, sometimes a Wolf oven shows error code OPP if the door latch is blocked

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How do you reset a Wolf range oven?

How do you unlock Wolf induction cooktop? Touch and hold the key panel for 5 seconds. Two chimes will sound and the key symbol should disappear, indicating that the cooktop is unlocked.

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How do you unlock a wolf electric stove?

Oven locks are a mechanical feature that allows you to secure your oven door. Typically the oven lock only really needs to be engaged if you don’t want young ones opening the door while the appliance is on or when the self-clean function is running to keep everyone safe from the extreme heat.

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What does it mean when your oven says lock?

The Control Lock avoids unintended use of the surface cooking areas. If Control Lock is activated when power to the cooktop is off, the cooktop is locked out, and the surface cooking areas cannot be turned on by the cooktop touch controls.

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What is oven control lock?

An oven door that is stuck in the locked position is usually the result of some kind of computer malfunction. You can reset your oven, run another cleaning cycle, or check the child safety button to try and fix the issue.

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Why does my oven keep saying locked?

This can be addressed by checking the door switch itself. If the door switch is dirty or caught in one position, use a damp cloth to wipe the switch clean and then wiggle the switch slightly to make sure the switch moves back and forth. Then close the oven door so that the door closes firmly and latches into position.

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Why does my oven Say door locked?

If your Wolf oven has power but won’t heat, the most likely culprit is a damaged or faulty heating element. Although inconvenient, heating elements take a lot of wear and tear from continuously being heated and cooled down. So, it’s not uncommon to have them burn out.

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Why won’t my Wolf oven heat up?

Answer: Wolf products are designed to last about 20 years on average. Due to varying levels of use, ambient temperatures, maintenance and repair history and uncontrolled variables such as mechanical failure of part components, the life of any appliance will vary widely.

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How long should a Wolf oven last?

An oven that won’t heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). You may be able to replace the heating element or igniter yourself: Make sure to turn off the power to your oven before servicing it.

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How do I fix my oven that is not heating?

And are Wolf ranges worth the money? Whether it’s Gas, Dual Fuel or an Induction Range, Wolf professional ranges are worth every penny because simply put, Wolf ranges are among the very best in the industry and truly are home cooking at a professional level.

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Is Wolf worth the money?

Wolf Range Prices:

Wolf gas range prices start at $5,745. Wolf dual-fuel ranges start at $7,850. Wolf induction ranges start at $8,350.

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How long will a Wolf oven last?

Heat and Cool Quickly ? A Wolf range is more powerful than a standard conventional bake oven. The dual-stacked sealed burners deliver a wide BTU range. They can simmer down to 300 BTU, while 9,200 BTU burners are suited for small pots. On the high end, burners with up to 20,000 BTUs are available.

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