Ontario Seed Bank Canada Review: www.ontarioseedbank.com

In Canada, if you want to get a variety of cannabis strains of the best quality then Ontario seed bank can be the right place for you. It is one of the top Canadian seed banks because it has achieved the reputation of the spot that provided the products of the highest quality. The ONTARIO SEED BANK CANADA REVIEW provided in this write-up will help you to know more about this Canadian seed bank.


After the legalization of the use of cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes, various seed banks have evolved in Canada so that people can get the best quality cannabis strains legitimately. These seed banks produce as well as trade the high-quality cannabis strains locally as well as globally as per the rules and regulations of the Canadian government.


A large number of different types of strains of cannabis are regularly provided by Ontario seed bank to ship all over the world. One can easily place his order foe high-quality seeds of cannabis with Ontario seed bank just by visiting their website and choosing from the types of strains available at that time. One can easily choose the hot selling seeds by visiting their website. Whether you have recently started growing cannabis or an experienced grower you can choose the strains from the options available on their website as per your requirements.


If you are a regular grower of cannabis then you should sign up with Ontario seed bank in Canada to get their newsletter regularly to get the latest information in this regard. This newsletter will allow you to know about the exiting and special things available with the ban so that you can be the first to get them. When you sign up for a newsletter then you can also access the special discount offers offered by the bank to its special customers. All such thinks make Ontario seed bank the best seed bank in Canada. The staff of this seed bank is committed to provide the best quality cannabis seeds to its customers.


Ontario seed bank provides a wide variety of cannabis seeds to its customers. Some of the highest quality seeds may include:

  1. FEMINIZED POT OF GOLD: This strain is perfect for those who need a small help to avoid difficulty in sleeping.
  2. FEMINIZED GREEN CRACK: This strain is popular for its vigorous effects.
  3. WHITE WIDOW: It is not a new strain for those who know cannabis properly. This strain is known for its exciting flavors and aromas as well as its potency.
  4. FEMINIZED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES XTRM: It is a renowned strain in the world of cannabis. It is the hottest selling cannabis stain at Ontario Seed Bank Canada.
  5. FEMINIZED FOREST FRUITS AUTO FLOWER: The genetics of this strain have been obtained by crossing them with some good genetics like New York Diesel and blueberry.

Thus, Ontario seed bank in Canada offers a wide variety of hot selling strains of cannabis to its customers whether they are new in this field or seasoned growers of cannabis.

What Type Of Wood Glue For Cutting Board?

The cutting board often has the problem of being frequently broken or cracked by the force of the knife. And once it is cracked or broken, the cutting board cannot be used anymore, so it is a waste.

Instead of throwing away and investing in a new cutting board, you should repair it with the best types of wood glue. This is a convenient and economical way to heal any cutting board that needs to be repaired.

There are many types of glue on the market and what you need to do is find out what type of wood glue for cutting board.

#1 Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla is a well-known manufacturer and their products are widely recognized. They have a wide variety of glues and glues for their wood which is a great helper to any project.

This glue can work well with any wood of cutting board. It has a very strong bond and is highly durable, thereby bringing stability and stability to the cutting board after being repaired.

It can bond no matter the cutting board’s thickness and it can hold the bond for a long time. This glue resists water and withstands great pressure. Gorilla wood glue dries up fairly quickly and you don’t need to stick the pieces for long. It also doesn’t create the ugly glue marks.

#2 Titebond Wood Glue

Titebond is also a well-known name in the glue market and they are still on the top glue manufacturers list today. Titebond wood glue is an extremely good product for filling cracks in cutting board.

This glue is very waterproof so it is ideal for you to wash the cutting board after fixing it. It is also not a toxic glue so you can rest assured if food comes into contact with food.

Besides, the texture of this glue is very good, does not cause ugly glue stains and also quickly dries. When combined with sawdust, this glue can perfectly fill large pores and cracks.

#3 Glue Masters

Glue Masters is really a diversified glue that not only bonds cracks well on cutting board, but also works with a lot of other materials. So after you fix the cutting bond, you can use it for many other projects.

It is an epoxy adhesive and has a very strong and durable bond. It also withstands a lot of pressure.

One thing you should be aware of is that you should use protective gear such as gloves or eyeglasses to avoid sticking to your body.

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Tabletop wire slicers vs Handheld wire slicers: Which is better?

The best wire cheese slicer will help you keep the freshness of the cheese and the delicious taste as they could. They also might help you save the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on using non-suitable products.

There are two major types of wire cheese slicers are tabletop slicers with a wire and attached board base and Handheld slicers, which constructed from roller and wire cutting. Choosing what type of wire cheese slicer to suit your needs depends, of course, on what your needs are.

#1 Handheld wire slicers

The most popular one is the handheld slicers. Handled wire slicers have a portable advantage over their other tabletop. Due to the portability of these handheld slicers, they are the most demanded on the market. The stainless steel wire makes it easy for you to cut the cheese in the size and thickness as you want.

One more advantage of the handheld units is that they are compact in sizes, that means very easy to store. If you prefer to keep your cooktop always clear and neat, then the handheld is what you should consider.

The frequency that you use the cheese slicers also determine what type you should get. Handheld wire slicers are more suitable for slice a small amount of cheese if you want to add cheeses as topping on your food.

#2 Tabletop wire slicers

There are also many people prefer to buy tabletop versions because it’s believed that they have more durability than handheld slicers. This type of slicer cuts through both soft and hard kinds of cheese while being thickness-adjustable.

The biggest advantage of tabletop wire slicers is that they handle a lot of cheese than a handheld one. And, this is because they have a more accommodating base.

More so, using a tabletop wire cheese slicer makes your cheese look very appealing and presentable as it features a cutting board that may be used as a serving platter. There are some materials of cutting board that you can choose such as wooden slicing board, marble, and stainless steel board

#3 Replacement Wires

There is the problem with wire slicers is that you have to replace them when they break. Some models will come with at least one spare cheese wire, but some are not and you will have to purchase on the separate one.

There are some types of wire for cheese slicer that you should know are: wire with knots at the ends, wire with balls at the ends, wire with ellipse loops at the ends, wire with round loops at the ends, wire with rings in loops at the ends, wire with rivets at the ends.

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FAQs about the best camera clip

Even you are go out for new experience in the wild, camping with your friends or simply exploring city streets, the best camera clip probably would be one of the best purchases you buy to the trip.

There are obvious the quick moments in the trip that you will want to capture a picture. And the camera clip will help you to do that. This is the perfect tool for any photographer to ensure you never miss another shot. If you’d never heard about it before, this post is what you need to know about camera clips to help you decide whether you need one.

#1 What a camera clip use for?

Instead of carry a shoulder bag, a backpack, a wrist strap, or bulky camera bag, you can use camera clip as an alternative way for holding your camera. This is because none of these options above offer a rapid solution for taking the photo like camera clip.

Shoulder strap method is quick but carry camera around for a long time will make you feel tired. A camera clip can help you to take a photo that may only took place in a moment while ensure you are comfortable to carry it.

#2 Where can I attach camera clip?

The clip will hold your camera not limited to backpack traps but also on any strap or belt around your body or bag. This means you can attach it to your day pack, hiking backpack, or even the shoulder bag you like to carry outside but not designed to accommodate a camera. Choosing where you feel most comfort to mount it. The position to attract camera clip can also depends on the activity you plant to do this day. The clip holds your camera secure in place and easy to access while doing any type of activity.

There is only one thing you have to pay attention is the width and thickness limitation of the strap. Normally, the camera clip packaging states how wide is the strap it can works with. It is often no more than 3 inches wide.

#3 Who is this for?

The camera clip is suitable for photographer or any people who carry their camera all day and want always have camera ready to capture a shot. By the time you stop to pull the camera out of your bag, you may miss the wonderful moments.

It is not only work with camera, it is also great to attach gopro as well. It is perfect for both amateurs and professionals if you like to be ready to take a photo at a moment.

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Best Betta Fish Tank: Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Vs. Marineland Portrait 5 Gallon

Finding the best betta fish tank can be a difficult task to do. You have to invest lots of effort, doing research about what is betta fish requirement. If you are a beginner and do not have any experience before, it is better to get started with the fish tank kit.

Fluval Flex 9 gallon vs Marineland Portrait 5 gallon are two of those kits that easy, convenient, and come with almost all you need to keeping betta fish.

#1 Designed

The similar feature of Fluval Flax and Marineland is that they are rounded front and the curved corners which giving them a unique and elegant look.

This also allows you to look at the fish from different angles and make the cleaning on the glass walls is easier.

Marineland portrait 5 gallon is vertical; therefore it is quite difficult for you when cleaning since you will have to submerge your aim into the water when cleaning or changing water inside the tank.

However, the portrait shape also allows you to place your aquarium in the placement that the normal standard aquarium wouldn’t fit.

A Fluval Flex 9 gallon is a square shape that means you can put it at the place that the rectangle tanks couldn’t place.

#2 Size

Both tanks are considered the best aquarium starter kits with many suitable elements, including dimensions.

5 gallons tank size is compact, this size allows you to place your aquarium in the small space such as a desk. Besides, 5 gallon is the minimum tank size that you should provide for your betta fish, that means you should not keep them in the under 5 gallons sized tank.

However, once you add substrate, decoration, and plant and into the tank, they are also taking the living space of your fish.

In this case, Fluval Flex 9 gallons tank seems to be the better option for your betta fish. 9 gallons will provide enough space for the fish to swim around and also keeping the water conditions stay stable. It won’t require as much effort of maintenance as a smaller gallon tank.

#3 The lights

The advantage of lighting systems in Marineland Portrait 5 gallons is that it reproduces the light that betta has in their natural environment. These LED lights have a white and blue color.

The white mimic natural sunlight on the water and the blue light mimics the beams of the moon on water at night. However, the drawback is that the amount of light that it emits is not enough for grow plants.

The light of Fluval Flex 9 gallons gives you lots of benefits. It allows you to adjust the light brighter or dimmer easily, which you cannot do with the light of Marineland Portrait.

It is also can change the colors from a variety of different colors. The only drawback is that sometimes it seems to be too bright for your fish.

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Buying Guide: Best Cqb Optic

Investing in a good CQB scope can be a challenging task for you. You can find a lot of types of scopes that are available on the market. If you want to find the best CQB optic, you have to look at all available products by comparing their features, reviews, and also benefits for all users. You can pick up the best device that can match your needs and preferences. Here are some popular CQB optic scopes that are available on the market today.

#1 UTG ITA Red/Green CQB Dot

This CQB optic is very famous among many users because of its smart adapter. This part of this CQB can be mounted and detached easily. It is very convenient for you to start using this scope. When you use this device, you can also add additional space, so you can use any other accessories on your rifle. It comes with both red and green options for the reticle. This optic is suitable for your daily shooting adventures. Its dot is bright and clear, especially when you use this scope in a dark environment.

#2 Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Scope

If you are looking for the best CQB optic scope, you can take a look at this unit. It has a 1x magnification, so it can offer fast action tactical view for all tactical shooters, law enforcement, and any other shooters. When you use this device, you can customize it into 6 different levels of dot brightness. This device is going to use a single 3V lithium battery. This battery can last for up to 30,000 hours.

#3 Holosun Paralow Red Dot Sight HS503G

It can be considered as the ultimate game-changer. It features an ACSS reticle that is going to utilize a large chevron inside this device. This system allows you to pick up any target easily, especially for the close quarters shooting. It is commonly used for close-range shooting. Its clear, sharp, bright, and tight reticle can make you feel comfortable when using this optic.

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Finally I find time to pore through the 1,000 plus pictures taken on the wedding day. Mind-boggling is the word. Next task on the list – to filter and print those images that our relatives are asking for. O_O”

The morning of wedding day proceeded relatively smooth. I slept well the night before, save for the midnight SMS that woke me up briefly. A guest cancelled her attendance for the dinner – less than 24 hours to the event. The excuses for last minute cancellations these days are getting ridiculous. But it’s a good thing; you can filter bullshitters out from your life.

Back to happier memories. The Mother busied herself in the kitchen while my aunt brought my little niece, who’s also my adorable flower angel, to join the festivity.

Shuqin, my maid-of-honour, was up to something no good. I could hear her sinister laughter from the kitchen as the girls prepared for the gate-crashing games.

I enjoyed a brief period of clowning around with my niece before changing into my wedding gown. Here she was donning a lovely flower crown which I purchased from ISETAN, along with a flower basket in the girliest shade of pink.

Not much of waterworks going on, not even during the traditional veiling. I was just psyched to marry and wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible!

One of my favourite purchases for the wedding is a pair of pearl drop earrings from Aya Jewellery. I have another pair of pearl earrings in champagne and encrusted with diamonates but I still wasn’t sure if it’s ‘The One’. By the stroke of luck, I chanced upon Aya’s gorgeous creations in Esty and the rest of history. More of this lovely Israeli shopkeeper and her creations in my next post.

A clearer look of Aya’s pearl earrings.

My very very tall younger brother

The gate-crashing didn’t go without drama. The Mother was SOOOO anxious that The Man would be late (can’t blame my mum; The Man has a bad rep for being blur and late). And so The Mother paced up and down the corridor, hoping The Man didn’t get cold feet and ran away. LOL. At least that’s what I thought she did. Anyway The Man was on time, but one part of his entourage got lost and ended in another carpark. Hah!

All thanks to smartphones and God-sent technology, I watched the entire gate-crashing process in my room. It was HILARIOUS! Usually brides have to wait in their room, anxious/nervous but they can’t, just CAN’T get out to join the fun. I’m glad I was able to laugh along and not miss out on such an interesting part of my part.

I’m not one who’d have my husband and friends don adult diaper or lick whip cream off one another. Stay classy, people. Stay classy.

So just for fun, The Man was required to:

1. sing a designated song – he claims to be a KTV king but he’s never sung a song proper for me. So there you go!

2. recite a romantic Teochew poem – we attended Teochew classes for beginners last year and this poem is specially meaningful because it lauds the beauty of a wife so beautiful that the husband can look at her all day without feeling hungry. HAHAHAHAHA!

I gave The Man an obvious hint some time ago that he needs to learn the poem. He got it , I guess. He printed the notes but… wait for it… left it in his car! And mind you, this isn’t a poem you can just google. So he had to pay a little penalty to get the note from my girlfriends. And needless to say, he SUCKED at it. I was half-hoping he could recite it again during the dinner but I decided to save him some face and cut him some slack.

My maid-of-honour sprang a last surprise task at the boys – dance to a K-Pop tune! Nothing new but just something for everyone to laugh about. This time, The Man surprised me with his enthusiasm; shaking his hips and twisting his arms to the music! This is the guy who refuses (I repeat: REFUSES) to even nod his head in the club. He hates the club. So this is a first.

The Mother was so proud of her coincidental find when she withdrew money from the ATM – three fresh 10-dollar notes with serial numbers ending with 12, 13 and 14 (our wedding date)!

Taking a break before the tea ceremony begins. The gown, without any can-can, weighs a tonne. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I had wore a ball gown with the full works!

Roasted suckling pig in a very capable man’s hands

The dapper boys

Endless thank you to our friends who woke up crazy early to be part of this. I had so much fun and I hope they did too.

To add more fun to the festivities, we engaged Cloudstaprint, an instant print vendor that transforms all our snaps to 5″ by 3″ glossy prints. It was slightly underutilised in the morning but man, the guests went trigger-happy during the dinner. More of that separately.


Somewhere while surfing the great milk way of fashion bibles, it was announced to all mankind that micro-pleated skirts is the holy grail for spring/summer (amongst a million other floral/sorbet things).

Of which, a non-fuss black & white colour block midi pleated skirt lays. From Proenza Schouler no less. But mere mortals like me can only stare hard until the earth finishes an entire orbit around the sun and still have no sight of how I can afford this 100% polyester piece of material. Oh of course, the lining is 100% silk so it’s totally justifiable for a $1,000 price tag.

So I embarked on a mission to find a dupe. A fashion dupe. A couple days later, I found an inspiring (obviously inspired by PS) design on ASOS. And YES, ASOS is my HG for on trend designs. Granted 30% of its clothes are borderline trashy, the remaining ones are just amazing. The price too.

I was not sure if people on the streets would appreciate colour-blocking of this sort so I pared down the drama with a simple black Uniqlo airism tee, added a dash of femininity with a long pearl necklace.

The result was surprising – a number of my colleagues thought the whole outfit was pretty. They thought it was a dress! Also I have to tell them repeatedly I wasn’t planning to go party after work. LOL those girls are so adorable.

What’s your prized fashion dupe?




I close my eyes to find a place
In different time and different space
And in imagination find
A cloistered arbour for my mind
Where thought may there be unconfined

Then in my dreams a path I take
As in a trance, yet wide awake,
To see the world with open eyes
Its glist`ning sands and azure skies –
I take a walk through P A R A D I S E

– Valerie Dohren

The Man and I just returned from Maldives. A short break from our increasingly gruelling lives. And of course, Maldives is just as out-of-this-world gorgeous as everyone who has been there said. No let-downs; pure bliss.

We stayed at Como hotel on Cocoa Island. We know we paid through our nose for the accommodation but it was worth every penny spent. The Man and I don’t travel twice/thrice/zillion times a year for couple holidays. The furthest we went was Hong Kong but that’s because he was on a work trip and I had leave to clear.

I’m glad we made the trip –  a honeymoon or sorts – and chose Como Hotels. Will share more beautiful images of Cocoa Island in a separate post.


A week before our wedding, The Man planned to whisk me off to a dinner date and celebrate my birthday. He kept the venue a surprise and according to him, the restaurant ‘is hard to book’. Sure or nottttt?

Alas, the unfavourable weather conditions in Shanghai caused him a twelve-hour flight delay. I was slightly disappointed when I learnt that because our schedules were pretty packed for the following days; we probably would not have time for a nice, relaxed dinner after that Saturday.

Fortunately The Man managed, by a hair’s breadth, to rush from the airport to meet me in time for dinner. And he drove down a familiar street – Bukit Pasoh. Turns out that we were on our way to The Clan Restaurant.

Reunited and it feels so gooodddddd

I’ve heard ravings of The Clan Restaurant and now know what’s all the fuss about. We each had a 6-course dinner, priced at $65.80++. But mind you, this is not a ‘still feeling hungry’ kind of meal. The servings were just about right, even for a big eater like The Man. For small eaters like me? Well, right after the main course, I experienced a momentary comatose.

My main course – 48 Degree Poached Salmon w Japanese Broth, Dehydrated Wakame & Leek Confit

Cold dish – Alaskan King Crab w Seasonal Greens in Homemade Karashi Dressing

My favourite dessert! Triple Espresso Crème Brûlée

Every dish is prepared immaculately. Starters and cold dishes were not prepared like an after-thought. Salmon is a relatively easy dish to prepare but it can go so wrong with the less attentive. The poached salmon at The Clan was uber tender and succulent, with a wee bit of warm pink centre. Even the greens that accompanied the Alaskan king crab were crunchy to the bite!

The Man had one of the restaurant’s signature mains – 48 Hours Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf with Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone. And boy, it was sizzling yummy.

Erm, too bad the restaurant forgot to do the one thing The Man asked them to – a surprise birthday cake for me. Well, they must have been busy.

The price of this 6-course dinner is quite a steal. Probably not the most fantastic meal ever but we felt very satisfied with the quality of food and thoughtful service. Sans the surprise birthday cake though…

It was a great start of the last week leading to our wedding. Glad we spent time connecting with each other and NOT talking about the wedding for abit.